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By the time February is wrapping up, most people are more than ready for the change to Spring. Tired of being cooped up indoors and ready for better weather, many of us get the Winter Blues. With true Springtime weather not likely for many weeks, break through the last few weeks of Winter by celebrating some fun, special days during the month of March. Here’s a handful to get you started. For more ideas, check out,, and

March 1 

National Sportsmanship Day/World Compliment Day. 

Both are a perfect start to the month. Talk to your class about what it means to be a good sport and what compliment means. Organize relay races to get them moving, and during the races encourage them to compliment each other and be good sports, even if their team doesn’t always win. Simple “I gave a compliment” tickets can be given to children throughout the day. Perhaps the tickets can be redeemed for simple prizes like sitting at the teacher’s desk for lunch and choosing the afternoon read-aloud story for the class. 


March 3 

National If Pets Had Thumbs Day. 

How does having thumbs help us? Look at photographs of animals and decide if any of them have thumbs. Discuss the words paws, claws, and fins. Have children act out how an animal walks, climbs, swims, or eats both with and without thumbs. Children can draw a picture of a pet with thumbs and finish the sentence, “If my pet had thumbs…” 


March 9 

National Meatball Day.  

What a great excuse to read “Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs” by Judi and Ronald Barrett. The story provides unlimited topics to discuss. Would the class like having to eat what fell from the sky? What are the wonderful things about not having to grow or cook food? If you lived there, what would you do to stay safe? If you did not have food falling from the sky, what is something you would like to have “raining” on your town? 


March 19 

National Let’s Laugh Day.  

Get the families of your students involved in this one. Ask each child to come in to school with a joke or funny story to share. Find times throughout the day to allow the children to share. 


March 21 

World Puppetry Day.  

Puppets have delighted both children and adults for centuries! Use today to introduce a new puppet friend to your class. Perhaps a traveling puppet show, or puppeteer could perform at your school. Children can be encouraged to read with puppets, create their own characters, and act out skits with puppets. 


March 26 

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day.  

How fun to see what great ideas your students think of for this day! Give students the opportunity to discuss, draw, and write about their own made-up holiday. Allow them to bring props if applicable. Share their thoughts with families by posting a list of the unique ideas. 


March 26 

Wear A Hat Day.  

This is an opportunity for kids to wear a favorite hat to school. Add a lesson about hats from diverse cultures and what their purpose may be. Get them moving by playing the “Mexican Hat Dance Song” and dance around a sombrero. 


March 30 

Little Red Wagon Day. 

Plan for this one and see if families have red wagons they would donate for the day. Add some paper streamers to the wagons or allow children to tape on handmade signs. Have a parade, encourage taking turns, and teach the concepts of push and pull. Older children may even be able to offer rides to younger children from your school, with proper supervision, of course. Do not forget to sing Raffi’s “Bumpin’ Up and Down in My Little Red Wagon”! 


Your class can have fun celebrating all these special days or just a few. Letting their imaginations shine through, adding more music, getting outdoors, and providing opportunities for them to move their bodies will brighten the days and help everyone beat the Winter Blues. 


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