3 long cucumbers 

2 tomatoes 

A small box of raisins 

Ranch dressing 

Needed: Paper plates 

Review during story time: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle 

Preparation: Adult slices cucumbers and tomatoes into thin circles. 

Children: Count out 5 to 10 cucumber slices and 1 tomato. 

Place cucumbers side by side on paper plate to create a caterpillar (body). 

Place the tomato slice in front to create caterpillars (head). 

Count out 2 raisins for caterpillars (eyes). 

Squeeze out some ranch dressing to make the caterpillars (tail). 

Discuss: Math concepts, colors, shapes, textures, taste, vegetables, caterpillars, butterflies, insects, spring, weather 



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