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As a child, my favorite part of the weekend was Saturday morning. My dad would wake up early and do all the grocery shopping for the week. On the way home, he always stopped at Mighty Fine Donuts in Erie, PA to pick up a dozen assorted donuts. Waking up and picking out my donut before settling in to watch Saturday morning cartoons is one of my best memories. The powdered vanilla, creme filled donut was and still is my favorite. Enjoying one with a cup of coffee brings back those childhood memories.

National Donut Day will be celebrated this year on Friday, June 7th. National Donut Day started after a Salvation Army event in 1938, to honor members who served donuts to service members during WWI. Many donut shops offer free donuts to celebrate this fun day. Celebrate this day by treating yourself to your favorite donut and check out the fun donut themed activities and books below.

Besides creating delicious treats, baking with children helps them use math during daily activities, follow directions, work together as a group and lets them use all their senses. Younger children can help stir or count ingredients. Older children can help measure or crack eggs. The healthy donut recipe below can be made in a donut pan or in a mini donut maker.

Whole Grain Donut Recipe

Place some donut themed books in your reading area or read one together during circle time. Below are some fun books about donuts:

  • If You Give a Dog a Donut by Laura Numeroff
  • Please, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony
  • The Donut Chef by Bob Staake

Sing this fun donut song with your children during large group or transition times:

5 little donuts in the bakery shop.

All dressed up with sugar on top.

Along comes _______with a dollar to pay.

She/he buys a donut and takes it away!



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