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Who enjoys spending time in the kitchen when the days are long and bright?  I am always looking for quick easy meals for summer nights. I love saving money and with the rise in food costs, these simple recipes are budget pleasers. You can also have the children help you prepare these delicious nutritious choices. They will love setting the table, helping to serve and for your older children they may not mind cleaning up since these recipes do not require a lot of pots and pans to make. Please make sure hands are washed thoroughly before preparing meals. Enjoy!! 

 Lasagna Sandwiches 

Lasagna that kids can eat with their hands.  Yes, it’s a thing! Hollow out rolls, then fill with cooked meat, veggies, spaghetti sauce, cheeses and seasonings and heat lightly for a few minutes. 

 Stuffed Peppers with ground beef and Rice 

A delicious way to create a weeknight dinner that kids will love to eat. Using leftover ground beef, rice and marinara sauce plus melted cheese will make this a taste teaser. Fill your peppers evenly. Use red, green, yellow, and orange peppers to create a colorful array of goodness. Make extra to freeze for later or pack in lunch bags for summer trips. 

 Quick and Easy Tuna Tacos 

Do something different on Taco Tuesdays, with this yummy tuna taco recipe. Toss budget friendly canned tuna with chopped onion and cilantro in a creamy lime infused avocado spread. Load into corn tortillas for a zesty, easy to make dinner that the kids will enjoy. 

 Salmon Burgers 

Make a quick easy pan-seared salmon burger with ingredients you probably stock in your cabinets including canned salmon. They’re a great recipe to reach for when you’re at the end of a grocery cycle. Simple veggies can also help spruce up the flavor. Using bread or buns will make this meal complete. Cut your bread in familiar shapes that kids will recognize to enhance this meal. 

 French Bread Pizza 

Kids are always up for eating cheesy pizza for dinner, and busy parents will like how easy this nutritious meal is to put together. French baguette slices take the place of pizza crust and using leftover chicken and pre-shredded cheese makes this dish a fast weeknight hit. 

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