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Are you tired of the rainy, snowy, freezing days that are keeping us in? Are you wondering what kind of fun activities you can do inside to keep the children busy and interested? Why not try a fun trail mix recipe that will not only provide a delicious snack when you are finished, but will also teach the children about nutrition, simple food preparation, math, and working with a team!

What will you need?

  1. A variety of trail mix ingredients. You know your children, so you choose!

Ingredient Ideas:

Whole grain cereals                                                 Teddy Bear cookies

Pretzels                                                                     Yogurt covered Raisins

Raisins/dry fruits                                                      Crackers

Chocolate chips                                                        Banana chips

Peanut butter chips                                                 Fruit Snacks

Gold Fish                                                                   Nuts/Seeds

  1. A large bowl, measuring cups, a large spoon

Now that you have what you need, decide how much of each ingredient you want, have the children help to measure the ingredients, toss and mix together, serve, and enjoy!


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