by Regina Wright

Close your eyes and imagine the most pleasurable moments in your life. These moments are especially memorable to you. Thinking about these moments make you laugh, sigh, smile and/or cry tears of joy. It may have been a walk in the park, a book you read, seeing children play, the sunrise, watching the waves at the beach or even a relaxing bubble bath. Whatever your moments of pleasure are, they are all yours to keep and reflect on whenever you choose.

I can remember a moment in time when I was abruptly approached by a young woman on my way to my car in route to work. I was not in the best of moods since I was in a hurry, and it was Monday morning. May I add that it was also a cold winter day and my car had to be warmed up to eliminate the frost on the windshield which would take me a few minutes? I must also admit that after I looked behind me and didn’t recognize her, I did try to ignore her in my effort to begin defrosting my windshield and get on my way. Once I hopped into the car and began to start it up, she appeared at my window, tapping on it to get my attention. You can imagine how I was feeling: quite annoyed and irritated when I rolled down my window and answered, “May I help you?” She on the other hand was delighted to see me. With a big smile on her face, she started to explain to me how I had inspired her to learn how to drive. I was still in shock thinking who this is, how does she know me and how did I inspire her to learn to drive. Well, this young woman began to explain how many years ago I lived in her neighborhood, and she would watch me drive my dad’s red Chevy. I was in shock; it had been over twenty years ago when my dad had that car. Although the young woman introduced herself, her name didn’t ring a bell. She began telling me how she would watch me from the kitchen window of her grandparents’ house. She thought, “I want to learn how to drive like her.” She didn’t have any women in her family that could drive. Today she was the first female to learn how to drive in her family. Wow, that really made me smile! I had inspired this young woman to learn how to drive. Never knew that. She thanked me and I thanked her for making my day. I drove off smiling all the way to work. Even today when I think of that day and moment in time I still smile. Which brings me to my quote: “There are people who you inspire in life simply by being you.” -Unknown

These special moments mean so much. You can inspire others just by being you. Be yourself. Make time for yourself. You just never know who’s watching. Ask yourself: What are the little things that make life worth living? A walk in the countryside, perhaps a log fire, or a letter from a friend. These moments are priceless. Now go and make time for more!

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