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Wondering what you should do when you take children outside on snowy days? Here are FIVE fun ideas:

  1. Build a Snowman! Have the children work together to decide what their snowman should look like, how big it should be, what materials they should use. Snow fun and team work, what a great mix!
  2. Make Snowballs! Have the children make snowballs, let them experiment with different sizes and shapes. Create a target for safety and let the children throw their snowballs! Which snowballs went the farthest? Which snowballs were heavier? Which snowballs were lighter? Which snowballs were easiest to throw? Which snowballs were hardest to throw? Great for gross motor play and for experimenting!
  3. Fill Bottles of Water! Collect bottles of various sizes. Have the children help fill them with water. Ask them what they think will happen if you take them outside and leave them there. Allow the children to select where they should put the bottles when they are outside on the playground. Set up a few times for the children to observe the bottles throughout the day. Encourage children to describe the changes they are observing. Let the bottles outside overnight. Have the children bring them back inside. Now observe them throughout the day. Encourage children to describe the changes they are observing. What a fun science activity!
  4. Paint the Snow! All you need is snow, some spray bottles, food coloring, and water. Mix the food coloring and water to create vibrant colors. Let the children work together in groups or individually to create their artistic masterpieces!
  5. Measure the Snow! Gather some rulers and yard sticks for outdoor play time. Have the children measure how much snow is on the ground. Are there any snowdrifts? Check them out too. Now, have them build some mounds and towers to measure. What a great way to mix math and snow play!

Please refer to the PA Position Statements and Caring for Our Children for more information about precautions for outdoor play.

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