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The Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center (ECLKC) is the official communication channel for Head Start and anyone involved with Head Start. Additionally, ECLKC provides connections across all early childhood platforms, providing a way to connect, share, and learn.

Teachers will appreciate this new ECLKC service. Sign up to receive two free text messages each month with information, tips, research, and resources that will support teaching practices.

While you’re at the website, click on the Topics heading to look around at the collection of resources for early childhood professionals (not just for Head Start teachers). Within the Topics heading, click on Learning Environments, Teaching Practices, and other subjects to find webisodes, videos, and written materials that will support and challenge early childhood teachers. These resources would be adaptable for staff meetings, for training new staff, and for challenging teachers to take on new practices.

The site also contains information on culture and language to help you feel comfortable working with diverse families and supporting dual language learners. Feeling a little nervous about including a child with disabilities? Check out the webinar series on High Quality Inclusion. Maybe you’d like to concentrate on your relationships with families and the community. If so, the site has a Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework that you can access. Learn how to create a “Culture of Safety” in your program by encouraging people to speak up about safety concerns and make it safe to talk about mistakes, using them to create better practices.

This website has so many resources on multiple subjects, all free of charge, to help you meet your continuous quality improvement goals. Why re-invent the wheel when the information is at your fingertips?

Take a peek around the website, and share a comment below to tell us what you find most useful to your program!


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