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Boxes of all sizes can add so much fun to a dramatic play center and incorporate science, math, and art.

Use larger boxes, like supply or food boxes in dramatic play to enhance themes such as a pizza oven for a restaurant theme. Use an open box for a vegetable stand or flower stand and place on top of one another box for height.

Smaller boxes, such as printer paper or diaper boxes, can be cut into cages for a zoo or stack them to make a tree where different animals and birds can live in each section. Hibernating bears would love a box den to sleep in the winter. The den below was created by the children at the Allentown Jewish Community Center.

Use very large boxes, such as refrigerator, washing machine or stove boxes, to create a town outside on the playground. Children can paint a town hall, school, grocery store or anything else their imaginations can think of. Slightly smaller boxes would make great cars, trains or trucks. Children can create their own vehicles and have races on the playground.

Look for unique boxes to add to dramatic play. Some boxes come with handles and can easily become a briefcase. Boxes that are small enough to hold a stuffed animal can become a cat carrier for a veterinarian’s office. All sized boxes can be added to a post office theme, including making mailboxes for each child. Shoe boxes are great for a shoe store, but you can also turn them into treasure boxes for a pirate theme. Large tubes can be made into trees, poles or anything else you can think of.

** Please use caution when cutting boxes and make sure all items are age appropriate and safe for the children in your care. **

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