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Bottle caps in all sizes and colors can be used in the classroom to enhance children’s learning. These include milk caps, drink caps, spice lids, pretzel container lids, and any other lid you can find. Math, art, fine motor and even dramatic play can use bottle caps to teach basic concepts to children.

Teacher-made games using caps and poster board can be included in various interest centers. Matching games, color games, counting, patterning, and size games are easy to make and include in math and science centers. Children can match colored caps to colored circles on strips of board. They can continue patterns on a board. Caps can be organized by size on a board. Different levels of matching can be completed on boards using caps.

Caps from food items such as Parmesan cheese or spice bottles can be added to boards and used for fine motor activities. Any cap that opens in a unique way can be used for fine motor. Stacking lids can be made with various caps.

Caps can be added to the art center as a collage item or they can be used to create a group project.

Lehigh Children’s Academy

Caps can be used in place of play money or even gems in the dramatic play area. Spark children’s imagination with a ton of differently-sized and colored caps and see what happens.

Always consider the size of the caps and the ages of the children in terms of safety when using caps in the classroom.


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