Winter Driving with Mr. Rogers

Michelle Long 

 As I drive along the snow and ice covered roads, white knuckles on the steering wheel, another vehicle comes up behind me. The driver is too close for my comfort level in the current weather conditions. I do not feel comfortable increasing my speed just to appease the other driver. I begin to tense up and grip the steering wheel even tighter (if that is even possible at this point).   

With another check in my rearview mirror, I realize that I am singing a Mr. Rogers song in my mind:  

“I like to take my time
I mean that when I want to do a thing
I like to take my time and do it right. 

I mean I might just make mistakes
If I should have to hurry up and so
I like to take my time” 

 With his calming voice in my head, my tension eased up a bit and I was able to safely complete my journey. 

 Thank you, Mr. Rogers! Your lessons always seem to come back at just the right moment.  



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