Up to Your MOLD Tricks Again

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Beth Simon

*Before conducting the experiments below, make sure to check with parents and guardians about children’s allergies.

Hands-on activities and experiments are a great activity to build into your curriculum. What do hands-on experiments teach children? Well, a lot of things. They will learn how to build a hypothesis or prediction of what will happen. They will learn how to make observations and depending on age, take notes and keep a log of what was observed. They will learn the concept of trial and error. They will learn reasoning, problem-solving, negotiation, communication, technology, and social skills. Personally, most of my memories of learning as a young child were during those activities when I could get up, move around, and contribute first-hand to the project.

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Do You Podcast?

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Lisa Mulliken  As you are scrolling through our Let’s Talk Quality blog, you may start but not even finish reading this blog article! But what if it was read to you as you were driving,
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Shark Week

By Angel Avery-Wright Sharks! What’s the first thing that comes to mind? For me it’s Jaws, the movie. Seeing this movie as a child set me off into a span of time where I would
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