Why Theater Experiences Matter?

Children pretending to be firefighters

By Amy Hoffman 

 I’ve been involved in a community theater for several years in a variety of supporting roles. Although many great shows are performed by adults each year, my favorite event is the annual Children’s Workshop Production. A cast of 25 – 45 children, ages 5-12, come together for about two months each year to learn a show, and then they perform that show for two weekends to the delight of their family, friends, and community members. 

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Inspirational quote – Be the reason someone smiles today. With closeup of beautiful smiling sunflower blossom in the garden background. Motivational words with nature flower concept.

World Smile Day

Kelli Harris Did you know that if someone smiles at you, you’re bound to smile back? A smile often expresses encouragement to someone or serves as a warm greeting. If you aren’t smiling enough these
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