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The Inclusive Classroom Profile, commonly referred to as the ICP, is a program observation instrument used to assess the quality of daily classroom practices that support the developmental needs of children with disabilities. This instrument is designed to be used in preschool classrooms that have at least one child with a disability. The ICP is designed to complement existing classroom quality measures and standards and focuses on classroom level practices that support the individual needs of children with disabilities.  

When completing an assessment with the ICP, the observer will focus their observations on the children with identified special education needs in the context of classroom activities and social interactions with adults and peers.  

The ICP looks at 12 areas of practice: 

  1. Adaptations of Space, Materials, and Equipment 2.
  2. Adult Involvement in Peer Interactions  3.
  3. Adults’ Guidance of Children’s Free-Choice Activities and Play
  4. Conflict Resolution 
  5.  Membership  
  6. Relationships Between Adults and Children 
  7.  Support for Communication  
  8. Adaptations of Group Activities  
  9. Transitions Between Activities 
  10. Feedback  
  11. Family-Professional Partnerships  
  12. Monitoring Children’s Learning  

 The ICP assessment takes approximately three hours. The classroom is observed for approximately two and a half hours and then a teacher is interviewed for 20 minutes. During the interview, the teacher will be asked to provide documentation examples of various practices they have in place. The observer will send a list of required documentation to the program prior to the observation so the teacher has the documentation prepared.   

 The ICP can be used by teachers, program administrators, researchers, professional development providers, early childhood specialists, state assessors, and others.  


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