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Hi, my name is MATH and I want to be your friend. I know, you may want to avoid me and sometimes you may not understand me; however, you need me because I (MATH) am everywhere you go.

It doesn’t matter if you are caring for infants through school age children, I (MATH) am there waiting to be included in your program’s classroom.

When you take attendance each day to see how many children are present or even absent…. well, it is me, MATH.

When you go outside for walks in the community with your young children and you stop to talk about the STOP sign…. hey, it’s me, MATH. For example, I have 4 letters that make a word S-T-O-P and I have 8 sides that make my shape of an octagon.

How about when you give that 5-minute warning by telling the children and showing them your palm up hand displaying those 4 fingers and 1 thumb or setting the timer… isn’t that MATH?

Yes, that is me (MATH) waiting to be your friend in the classroom. With your help, children will have opportunities to explore and experience math within their natural environment. As a child care professional, you and I (MATH) can implement math into the children’s day within the curriculum and the children won’t even know that you are teaching me (MATH). Make math fun and exciting; this way, you and I can be the best friends ever.

Here are some resources if you want to learn more about MATH:

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Talk about Math as it’s your very best friend

Help the children see that Math is beyond the numbers zero to ten.

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