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With so many rainy days, we are all tired of staying inside! What can we do to keep the children and ourselves from going crazy? How about a board game or a card game? Board games and card games are important to brain growth and development and help with children’s developing skills in reading, math, communication, and so much more. You can find a lot of great games online, in the stores, and at second-hand stores. You can also create your own games or put your own twist on a game that you have. Most games also help children learn social skills, like turn taking and game playing rules. Here are some great games for you and your preschoolers to play and some skills children are working on when playing the games.

Game Ideas: What children are learning:
Go Fish and Color Go Fish Numbers, Counting, Colors
Candy Land Drawing Cards, Counting, Matching
Dominos and Picture Dominos Numbers, Counting, Matching
Hi Ho Cherry-O Using a spinner, Colors, Counting
Chutes and Ladders Using a spinner, counting

Now get out there, play some games, have some fun, and make some memories!

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