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Every day is a gift and should be celebrated and lived with gusto! Easy to say, but much harder to do when you’re in the thick of the monotony of the day-in and day-out of daily life. Routines and knowing what to expect out of each day can get you down. It’s the same for kids. Of course, routines are important for children, but sprinkling a little unexpected fun into those daily routines is what makes life exciting!

“I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.” — Arthur Rubinstein

I’m sure you’ve been listening to the radio, reading your favorite blog, or scrolling social media when there’s been mention of “It’s national ice cream day” or “It’s talk like a pirate day.” Am I right? Even our executive director here at the Pennsylvania Key, Marnie Aylesworth, adds a sign-off to her emails with reminders to “Go celebrate, it’s National Licorice Day” or “Enjoy your weekend and get some Mexican food, it’s National Burrito Day!” If you look long and hard enough you can find something to celebrate every day of the year. These types of celebrations can be fun, comical, informative, and even eye-opening. By celebrating something new each day it can get children excited not only to come to school, but also spark their interest in something outside of the typical classroom lessons.

These special days are an opportunity to introduce the children in your class to your favorite author or artist or introduce a brand-new concept that you haven’t discussed before. Maybe on Frida Kahlo’s birthday (July 6th) children are encouraged to paint a self-portrait or children are encouraged to tell or write their own joke on Tell a Joke Day (August 16th). Maybe children learn to fold paper airplanes and test their flying prowess on August 19th, which is National Aviation Day also Orville Wright’s birthday. Perhaps children write a thank you note or draw a picture in appreciation of mail carriers on February 4th on “Thank Your Mail Carrier Day.” These are just a handful of examples of ways that special days can be incorporated into your calendar and turn those average, ordinary days into something special to celebrate.

For older children, maybe they want to collaborate and come up with a day to celebrate that relates to your classroom, school, or community. They can brainstorm ideas, pick the date, and maybe everyone votes on a winner that gets incorporated into the calendar. However you choose to incorporate the “Celebrate Each Day” concept, remember that each day is special and there’s always something to celebrate even if it’s something as silly as National Lost Sock Memorial Day (May 9th)!

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