From Paper to Progress: How to use ERS Summary Reports to Create a Continuous Quality Improvement Plan


Stefanie Camoni

Summary reports provide a snapshot of what occurs in the classroom on a typical day. They include objective information about what was observed and provide areas for improvement. After the ERS window ends, those reports are completed and sent to the program. Hopefully you read them, share them with your staff, and address any immediate safety issues that may have been observed. Then what? What do you do with them now? Many programs struggle with this. These reports, along with other sources of evidence, can build the program’s continuous quality improvement (CQI) plan. CQI is not a quick fix by one person. CQI is a center wide plan to improve quality over time. Outlined are steps to help with a continuous quality improvement plan in order to enhance quality programming at the site.

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Toys in colored boxes.

Four Thoughts for CLEAN UP Time

By Barbara Bredell-Searle The words, “It is time to clean up,” are used daily in many classrooms throughout all types of Pennsylvania child care programs, yet teachers still have difficulty getting the children to CLEAN
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