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I am Mercedes Fleet-Mount, Owner and Program Director of Bright Little Scholars Early Learning Centers. I joined the Business Administration Scale Community of Practice (BAS CoP) in September of 2021. When I signed up for the program, I had some knowledge about the BAS. This CoP allowed me to have the breakdown of the BAS with its bi-weekly focus areas.

The instructors went step-by-step for each indicator and provided information about the sources of evidence. I as well as other providers in the program asked questions and offered shared resources to each other. It was great to have the safe space of discussing topics revolving around the BAS and learning about what we should not be doing as program owners.

One favorite parts of the CoP was the intensity of the breakdown of the scale. With questions being asked from myself as well as my peers, I was able to get an understanding of its purpose, the sources of evidence and create an action plan after each session, to build better business practices for my program. Understanding the BAS allowed me to implement creating a tax statement document at the end of the year for both myself and parents to sign and also creating an orientation process that is easier for me and new hires. Another favorite part for me was being able to meet other childcare providers, some local and some a little further away, and being able to network. There are people with 10+ years in this industry and I am able to learn from them. I along with another provider of the group plan to lead this network of providers now that the BAS CoP is completed so that we can continue to assist each other and build a relationship.

I think that other providers whether new or need freshening should have the opportunity to experience the BAS CoP. It has been an honor to be a part of this program and better my business practices moving forward.


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