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 Most of us end up with no more than five or six people who remember us. Teachers have thousands of people who remember them for the rest of their lives.” 

Andy Rooney 

This brings me back to when I was casually getting out of my car en route to a bridal shower. What a beautiful spring day I thought. The birds were singing softly, and the sky was blue. The sun was brightly shining and it was spring again. Who could ask for anything more? Who would have thought I would be getting a gift that day? A gift unlike any other. Not a tangible one, but one that I could hold on to forever in my heart. 

A teenage boy abruptly approached me, Saying, “Hey I know you,” I didn’t recognize hi, and I thought to myself it must be some mistake. The boy then said to me, Your Miss Brown. You were in my classroom. Well, no one had called me by that name in a very long time and I almost didn’t recognize it   I instantly thought you must have mistaken me for someone else. You taught me how to read.” What? Wow! Really??? Me? I looked deeply into his eyes and it started to come back to me. A younger image of him appeared in my eyes and I just embraced him. He was so full of cheer and excitement. He boasted about how I had made him an avid reader and how he himself wanted to teach. The boy now a college student made me realize how many years had passed. 

I recalled my student teaching experience many years ago. I was overwhelmed and tearful.  He remembered me. I started to recant my memories of having a one on one, day to day experience with a young boy that had trouble reading. At first, he was delicate and without words. When he did speak, his words were awkward and shameful. During our time together I began to gain his trust and he became comfortable and less guarded. Over the next few months he gained confidence and although he still struggled, he began to enjoy reading. He couldn’t wait to get started during our sessions and his school attendance and thirst for learning soared. I had thought about him time and time again after my tenure was through but that time had passed and so I thought, that was over. 

Well, I stood like a statue as he told me about his current goals. I was just astonished by his presence. He was quite a different young man than the boy, I had remembered. He was self assured and well spoken. Once he paused and we said our goodbyes, he swiftly disappeared into the glow of the day. 

Well, that was it for me. I knew I had chosen the right field. Money couldn’t buy the type of reward I had gained from that experience. God only knew that that child had given me much more than he thought I had given him. 

Dear Teachers, 

You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You make things happen. You are the jack of all trades. You help make dreams come true by inspiring our youth. You make a huge impact on the world!!! Continue to do what you do. You do it well!! Have a safe and nurturing School Year!! You are Appreciated!! 

From A Student 


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