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New information available! ECERS-3 Additional Notes for Clarification

Additional Notes for Clarification have been released for the ECERS-3 and will impact the PA Key PQA Team’s use of the ECERS-3. If you aren’t already familiar with ERS Notes for Clarification, they provide additional detail about the expectations of an indicator or item or further define terminology in the scale. Notes for Clarification can be found in the actual scale books, but Additional Notes for Clarification are added based on questions from the field and new learning about child development and classroom practices that support high-quality experiences for children. Additional Notes for Clarification, also developed by the authors of the scales, are found on the website – click on the ECERS-3 Quick Link on the left side of the Home page.

The newest Additional ECERS-3 notes will be considered during all ECERS-3 observations effective March 15, 2020. Have questions or need more information about any of the resources used during ERS observations? Please contact your Quality Coach.

Additional Notes for Clarification (found at and Notes for Clarification (found in the individual scale books) are two separate resources from the ERS authors to enhance the use of the scales in continuous quality improvement work.

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